17 10 2012

UK and OZ lists Updated… 17/10/2012

and the wish list – these are the Oz hip hop releases im after…

i dont have a UK wish list, as i dont have a complete collection of anything UK…lol


im after these NON oz releases @ 320kbps

Atoms Family – Atoms Family Archives Vol 1
Various Artists – Angels & Insects

or these OZ ones…

Just Us – Voice of the Hunted
Koolism – Self Titled
Koolism – Bedroom Shit
Tribe Ledda L – These Front Door Keys
Bob Balans – Whats in Bobs Head
Def Poets Society – Def Poets Society
Prowla – The Prowla Tape
Mass MC – Knocked Back Down
Mass MC – White Tape Murdered
Capital Punishment – Sentenced To Def/Death
Snuffle – Bin A Long Time Comin’
Industrial Dispute – Industrial Strength
Rebel Base – Rebelsent’n Vol. 1
Dedlii Cii – MP2
Mishap – Illumination
Lab Exposed Vol. 1
(VA) – Down Under By Law
Madizm – Stand Strong Mixtape
Fathom – The Beats From 20,000 Fathoms (1997)
Queen MC Tash – (2000) Gets a Little Nasty
Partisans of the Lesser Known
Schoolfight – Curse Of Work
Schoolfight – Big Man On Champers
Nemesis – The Story So Far EP
Solotaro – Methodox EP
ILLuminate – The Shoestring Sampler
Kade MC – The Ruckman Record
Kid Selzy – The Sideshow Mixtape
Timmy C – Outlook Express EP
Xrsize – Lyrikally Fit

Koolism – Lift Ya Game
Terminal Illness – PADLOCK YOUR HEADS
Hilltop Hoods – Back Once Again
After Hours – (1999) Aussi Positivity EP
Brethren – (1997) Slingshot EP
Chaos Maths – (2004) Chaos Maths Ep
Billy Bunks – Milk Money Sampler
Shifting Platforms – (2010) Libertylies



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