12 06 2014

There havent been any updates for a while they are coming life is BUSY at the moment…

Stay Cool.



17 10 2012

UK and OZ lists Updated… 17/10/2012

and the wish list – these are the Oz hip hop releases im after…

i dont have a UK wish list, as i dont have a complete collection of anything UK…lol


im after these NON oz releases @ 320kbps

Atoms Family – Atoms Family Archives Vol 1
Various Artists – Angels & Insects

or these OZ ones…

Just Us – Voice of the Hunted
Koolism – Self Titled
Koolism – Bedroom Shit
Tribe Ledda L – These Front Door Keys
Bob Balans – Whats in Bobs Head
Def Poets Society – Def Poets Society
Prowla – The Prowla Tape
Mass MC – Knocked Back Down
Mass MC – White Tape Murdered
Capital Punishment – Sentenced To Def/Death
Snuffle – Bin A Long Time Comin’
Industrial Dispute – Industrial Strength
Rebel Base – Rebelsent’n Vol. 1
Dedlii Cii – MP2
Mishap – Illumination
Lab Exposed Vol. 1
(VA) – Down Under By Law
Madizm – Stand Strong Mixtape
Fathom – The Beats From 20,000 Fathoms (1997)
Queen MC Tash – (2000) Gets a Little Nasty
Partisans of the Lesser Known
Schoolfight – Curse Of Work
Schoolfight – Big Man On Champers
Nemesis – The Story So Far EP
Solotaro – Methodox EP
ILLuminate – The Shoestring Sampler
Kade MC – The Ruckman Record
Kid Selzy – The Sideshow Mixtape
Timmy C – Outlook Express EP
Xrsize – Lyrikally Fit

Koolism – Lift Ya Game
Terminal Illness – PADLOCK YOUR HEADS
Hilltop Hoods – Back Once Again
After Hours – (1999) Aussi Positivity EP
Brethren – (1997) Slingshot EP
Chaos Maths – (2004) Chaos Maths Ep
Billy Bunks – Milk Money Sampler
Shifting Platforms – (2010) Libertylies


23 03 2012

All Lists Updated 23/03/12


24 05 2011

i just finished updating these lists…

i havent been in here for AGES…

its a shame really i enjoyed doing the blog.

the forum just takes up all my time…


Hello world!

24 03 2009

Welcome to lucifersjoke.wordpress.com

as you all know we ran this site from home for quite a few years…

the server load was too much for my dodgy old pc so i moved over to wordpress…

i hope you guys find it as nice to use as the old one…

we will try and keep all the same sort of content…

any way…